Conservation and Reclamation of Energy Development Activities

Alberta’s energy industry is required to conserve and reclaim the land disturbed by its activities (known as specified land) and, unless exempt, obtain a reclamation certificate.

A few examples of activities that fall under the duty to conserve and reclaim are

  • reducing land disturbance,
  • salvage, storage, and placement of soil, and
  • revegetation (i.e., restoring plant life to an area).

Specified lands regulated by the AER include the following:

Compliance of conservation and reclamation activities are directed by the Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework (ICAF) with education, prevention, and enforcement as key components of the framework.

Request for No Entry

Getting a reclamation certificate confirms that all reclamation requirements have been met. A reclamation certificate is required for closure and allows operators to end their surface leases.

When the land has not been used in any way, even temporarily, for construction, operation, or reclamation, the proposed site is not considered specified land and closure is achieved through the no-entry process.

If the site was never entered for any oil and gas activity, the licensee can complete the Request for No Entry Cancellation form. More information on this form can be found within the Upstream Oil and Gas Cancellation of Undisturbed Sites on Public Land information letter.