Name Description Date
News Release 2015-11-06 Results of AER dam safety inspections released November 06, 2015
News Release 2015-10-28 AER CEO Orders Hearing to Review Ferus Application October 28, 2015
News Release 2015-10-21 Alberta Energy Regulator seeks input from Albertans on regulatory excellence in Alberta – University of Pennsylvania delivers final framework for regulatory excellence October 21, 2015
News Release 2015-10-19 Charges laid regarding October 2013 Apache Zama City pipeline spill October 19, 2015
News Release 2015-10-16 Charges laid regarding October 2013 Obed Mountain Coal Mine spill October 16, 2015
News Release 2015-09-21 The AER Responding to a Natural Gas Well Blowout near Fox Creek September 21, 2015
News Release 2015-09-17 AER seeks feedback on draft requirements for managing tailings in Alberta September 17, 2015
News Release 2015-09-16 AER allows resumption of 10 production pipelines at Nexen Long Lake; 45 lines remain shut in September 16, 2015
News Release 2015-09-06 AER allows resumption of utility pipelines at Nexen Long Lake; 55 lines remain shut in September 06, 2015
News Release 2015-08-28 AER issues Suspension Order to Nexen August 28, 2015
News Release 2015-08-18 The updated Alberta Table of Formations is now available as a reference for resource industries to identify and name geological formations encountered in Alberta. August 18, 2015
News Release 2015-08-11 AER issues Environmental Protection Order to Syncrude August 11, 2015
News Release 2015-08-08 AER responding to waterfowl deaths at a Syncrude site in the Fort McMurray area August 08, 2015
News Release 2015-07-17 AER issues Environmental Protection Order to Nexen July 17, 2015
News Release 2015-07-16 AER responding to a pipeline failure near Fort McMurray July 16, 2015
News Release 2015-07-07 Apache Canada Ltd subject to AER enforcement action July 07, 2015
News Release 2015-07-03 Alberta Energy Regulator shuts in wells following compliance sweeps in the Peace River area July 03, 2015
News Release 2015-06-29 AER releases annual reserves report June 29, 2015
News Release 2015-03-13 AER suspends Directive 074: Tailings Performance Criteria and Requirements for Oil Sands Mining Schemes March 13, 2015
News Release 2015-03-11 AER responds to Auditor General’s audit of pipeline safety and will support recommendations made to the Government of Alberta on dam safety March 11, 2015
News Release 2015-02-19 AER responding to seismic events in the Fox Creek area February 19, 2015
News Release 2015-02-18 AER expands public reporting with new dashboard February 18, 2015