News Release 2010-12-07


News Release 2010-12-07

News Release 2010-12-07 (NR2010-19)

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ERCB enhancing its role in technology development

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Calgary, Alberta (Dec 07, 2010)… The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) has issued Bulletin 2010-44: Enhancing the ERCB Role in Energy Technology Development that will see innovative technology reviewed, deployed and integrated into ERCB regulations in a streamlined manner.

The ERCB is committed to working with industry and other stakeholders to identify ways to accelerate the demonstration and deployment of new technologies.

While the ERCB does not prescribe or mandate which technology should be used, the ERCB will continue to assess and, if appropriate, approve applications which might include new and/or innovative technologies as long as the application meets the ERCB’s strict guidelines related to public safety, environmental stewardship and resource conservation.

The ERCB will undertake the following measures expedite the review of new technologies to:

  • Collaborate with government departments and not-for-profit organizations to assess the technical validity and commercial viability of innovative technology.
  • Develop a process to review, identify, and mitigate risks as they relate to public safety, environmental standards and resource conservation.
  • Provide advice to industry and government researchers on how new technology may impact ERCB regulations.
  • The ERCB’s Chief Operations Engineer is the designated single point of contact for external parties and proponents of innovative technology.
  • Re-examine the scope and scale of what qualifies as an ERCB experimental or pilot approval to consider innovations in technology.
  • Review confidentiality requirements and time frames.
  • Review ERCB requirements that encourage responsible innovation in technology and define desired outcomes and monitoring criteria to mitigate potential risks of its development and implementation.

The ERCB’s efforts to enhance its role in new technology complements the Government of Alberta’s Energizing Investment: A Framework to Improve Alberta’s Natural Gas and Conventional Oil Competitiveness released in March, 2010. The Framework aims to ensure Alberta provides a leading competitive environment for oil and gas investment in Alberta.

A key outcome of the Framework was the establishment of the Regulatory Enhancement Project which is examining ways to improve Alberta’s regulatory systems. The ERCB has been a full participant in this project since it began earlier this year.

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For more information, please contact:

Darin Barter, ERCB Communications
Phone: 403-681-0946
Media line: 1-855-474-6356