Participant Involvement Initiative


Participant Involvement Initiative

The AER is implementing the Integrated Decision Approach. This will result in a single application for energy development projects. As a result of the changes to how operators apply for projects, the AER is considering changing engagement requirements to support this new approach. The AER will be collecting input across the province on potential new participant involvement requirements and processes under the Integrated Decision Approach.

What is Participant Involvement?

"Participant involvement" is an umbrella term encompassing all interactions and communications between Albertans, indigenous people, operators, and the AER.

Operators are currently required to develop a participant involvement plan that considers those whose rights may be directly and adversely affected by the proposed application. This program must be developed and implemented before an application is filed. Program steps and information must include

  • distributing the applicant’s information package and the required AER publications;
  • responding to questions and concerns;
  • discussing options, alternatives, and mitigating measures; and
  • seeking confirmation of nonobjection through cooperative efforts

Participant involvement does not end with the issuance of a licence; it must continue throughout the life of a project. Early involvement in informal discussions between Albertans, indigenous communities, and operators may lead to stronger project planning and mitigation of impacts.

You're invited!

We need your help!
The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is meeting with Albertans and indigenous communities across the province to understand how you want operators to engage with you about proposed energy development. Your feedback will help shape future conversations about energy development between the AER, operators, Albertans, and indigenous communities.

Please join us as we discuss changes to energy applications and how we can improve participant involvement requirements for the Integrated Decision Approach.

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