The ST37: List of Wells in Alberta Monthly report is available in PDF, TXT, and Shapefile format.

The PDF format includes the following information for all oil and gas wells:

  • well identifier
  • well name
  • licence number
  • field/pool and/or area/deposit
  • operator
  • licensee
  • total depth
  • finished drilling date
  • well status

The TXT and Shapefile formats include additional attributes such as:

  • Licence-status
  • Licence-issue-date
  • Agent-code
  • Operator-code
  • Well-status-date
Full report [PDF, 160 MB]
Township 1-25 [PDF, 40 MB]
Township 26-45 [PDF, 40 MB]
Township 46-65 [PDF, 40 MB]
Township 66-126  [PDF, 40 MB]

Text Format [zipped, 16 MB]. Refer to the layout document for all attributes.

Shapefile [zipped, 90 MB]. Refer to the metadata included in the zipped file for all attributes.