The ST37: List of Wells in Alberta represents all producing well events as reported to the AER and is available in PDF, TXT, and shapefile format.

The PDF format includes the following information for all oil and gas wells:

  • well identifier
  • well name
  • licence number
  • field/pool and/or area/deposit
  • operator
  • licensee
  • total depth
  • finished drilling date
  • well status

The TXT and Shapefile formats include additional attributes such as:

  • Licence-status
  • Licence-issue-date
  • Agent-code
  • Operator-code
  • Well-status-date

Full report [PDF, 160 MB]
Township 1-25 [PDF, 40 MB]
Township 26-45 [PDF, 40 MB]
Township 46-65 [PDF, 40 MB]
Township 66-126  [PDF, 40 MB]

Text Format [zipped, 16 MB]. Refer to the layout document for all attributes.

Shapefile [zipped, 90 MB]. Refer to the metadata included in the zipped file for all attributes.