Bulletin 2011-19

Bulletin 2011-19: Amendments to the Oil Sands Conservation Regulation

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Amendments to the Oil Sands Conservation Regulation

Jun 30, 2011

The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB/Board) has reviewed and amended the Oil Sands Conservation Regulation (OSCR). The amendments, which do not contain any new regulatory requirements, were housekeeping in nature and included

  • addition of definitions from existing legislation and directives,
  • removal of outdated references,
  • adoption of current operational practices, and
  • extension of the sunset clause for 10 years.

Specifically, the following changes were made:

  • Definitions for “abandonment,” “asphaltene,” “calendar year,” “dedicated disposal area,” “emergency,” “fines,” “gas,” “interburden,” “marketable gas,” and “tailings” were added. These definitions were adapted from existing regulations and directives.
  • Section 3 was amended to clarify abandonment procedures.
  • Section 8 was amended to include a fire scenario.
  • Section 13 was amended to clarify reporting requirements in emergency situations.
  • Section 21 was amended to update the API/ASTM standards reference and to include pressure correction.
  • Section 24 was amended to require the submission of geotechnical engineering designs as part of a storage or disposal application.
  • Sections 30 and 31 were amended to update and clarify requirements for annual mine plans and annual reports of mining operations and to ensure consistency of operator submissions.
  • Section 32(1) was amended to require annual reporting unless otherwise directed by the ERCB.
  • Sections 48 and 49(c) were amended to include asphaltene.
  • Section 57 was amended to remove the term “raw” from the phrase “raw gas.”
  • Section 62 was amended to extend the expiry date to June 30, 2021.

The amendments came into effect June 15, 2011.

Any questions regarding these amendments may be directed to Danielle Meyer at 780-743-7243 or by e-mail at danielle.meyer@ercb.ca

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Terry Abel
Executive Manager
Oil Sands and Coal Branch