Bulletin 2011-37

Bulletin 2011-37: Additions to Directive 077: Pipelines – Requirements and Reference Tools

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Additions to Directive 077: Pipelines – Requirements and Reference Tools

Dec 22, 2011

This bulletin announces the addition of two sections to the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) Directive 077: Pipelines – Requirements and Reference Tools, effective December 22, 2011.

The purpose of Directive 077 is to amalgamate all pipeline technical publications or technical materials into a single document for easy reference. The directive has two parts: Part A contains requirements and Part B contains reference tools, with information on specific topics but no new requirements.

What Are the Additions to Directive 077?

The following two sections are new:

Part A: Requirements
  • Section 6: Use of Liquid Test Media Other than Fresh Water for Pipeline Tests
    This section clearly defines the requirement for contingency plans to be prepared prior to pressure testing with liquid test media other than fresh water and enables a pipeline licensee to proceed with a pressure test once a contingency plan has been developed and documented and any necessary preparatory activities implemented. This replaces the current requirement to obtain approval prior to proceeding with the pressure test. Accordingly, Section 35 of the Pipeline Regulation has been concurrently amended with the release of this section.
  • Section 7: Twenty-one-day Temporary Surface Pipelines for Well Testing
    This section sets out the process for 21-day temporary surface pipelines for well testing, which has been transferred from Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules, and provides additional clarity on the use of temporary surface pipelines. The requirements address the use of temporary pipelines to reduce flaring and venting during well testing.

The updated edition of Directive 077 is available on the ERCB website www.ercb.ca under Industry Zone : Rules, Regulations, and Requirements : Directives. Printed copies of the directive may be purchased from ERCB Information Services, 10 Floor, 250 – 5 Street SW; telephone: 403-297-8311 or 1-855-297-8311 (toll free); fax: 403-297-7040; e-mail: infoservices@ercb.ca.

Questions regarding this bulletin or Directive 077 should be directed to the ERCB Pipeline Operations Section by e-mail to pipelineoperations@ercb.ca.

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