Bulletin 2012-26

Bulletin 2012-26: Invitation for Feedback on Draft Revision of Directive 065: Resources Applications for Oil and Gas Reservoirs

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Invitation for Feedback on Draft Revision of Directive 065: Resources Applications for Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Dec 20, 2012

The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) invites stakeholder input on the draft revision of Directive 065: Resources Applications for Oil and Gas Reservoirs, which is available on the ERCB website, www.ercb.ca. The major change is the inclusion of the maximum wellhead injection pressure (MWHIP) requirements that are currently contained in Directive 051: Wellbore Injection Requirements.

The proposed key changes to Directive 065 are as follows:

Unit 2

  • Notification will need to be provided to all licensees of abandoned wells in the proximate geographical areas of planned injection operations.
  • Requirements specified in ERCB Informational Letter (IL) 92-5: Reduced Fluid Sampling and Analysis for Hydrocarbon Miscible Flood Schemes and IL 96-2: Progress Report Requirements for Miscible Flood Schemes have been added to Section

Unit 4

  • “Consent” has been changed to “confirmation of nonobjection” in the Class I fluid disposal notification requirement.
  • A new requirement has been added for all disposal schemes into hydrocarbon-bearing pools or their associated aquifers with respect to maximum operating reservoir pressure and the method of pressure monitoring.

Units 2 and 4

  • Requirements for assessing and assigning MWHIP have been added.

Unit 5

Appendix E

  • ERCB Staff Contacts has been removed and replaced in the main body of the directive with the contact details for the Resources Applications help line.

Appendix O

  • This is a new appendix that has been added that sets out the procedure for a step-rate injectivity test to determine MWHIP.

To provide feedback, complete the comment form available on the Directive 065 webpage, accessible through www.ercb.ca, by February 15, 2013.

All feedback received will be reviewed for the purposes noted in this bulletin and used for the purposes of finalizing the directive sections mentioned above. All of the comments provided through this consultation will form part of the public record and, at the discretion of the ERCB, any comment received may also be attributed to the specific individual providing it. Personal information provided with comments will be collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The ERCB may use the personal contact information you provide for follow-up communication related to your feedback.

Questions regarding this bulletin or the draft revisions may be directed to Lanre Maliki by telephone at 403-297-3498 or by e-mail at lanre.maliki@ercb.ca.

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