Bulletin 2013-25

Bulletin 2013-25: Well Log Submission Requirements

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Well Log Submission Requirements

Jun 14, 2013

Effective immediately, the ERCB is accepting well logs in electronic format according to the requirements in section 6 of the recently released draft directive on well logging. These new requirements will allow the ERCB to reduce the number of data submissions the ERCB receives in paper format.

The draft directive on well logging is available on the ERCB website for review and feedback as per Bulletin 2013-24: Invitation for Feedback—Draft Well Logging Directive. Once effective, all well logs must be submitted in electronic format and the ERCB will no longer accept paper well log submissions.

If the well log submission is inaccurate or incomplete, the licensee will be issued a request for information via e-mail listing the deficiencies in the submission and requesting a correct and valid replacement well log. The ERCB destroys all deficient well logs; they are not returned to the licensee. Failure to submit the requested information within 30 days from the date of the e-mail message will result in the ERCB issuing a Notice of Low Risk Noncompliance in accordance with Directive 019: Compliance Assurance.

For questions on the submission of well logs see the FAQs on the draft well logging directive webpage available on the ERCB website www.ercb.ca or e-mail WellLogInquiries@ercb.ca.

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Susan Cassidy
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