Directive 056

Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules

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Release Date: May 01, 2014

Effective Date: May 15, 2014

Replaces the previous edition released on Sep 01, 2011.

Released with AER Bulletin 2014-17.

Energy Development Applications and Schedules

For specific geological zones within a defined area, the AER may adapt subsurface directive requirements through a subsurface order to better suit the resource development practices being used.

See the Subsurface Orders page for the orders that are in effect.

Change Log

What's New
June 8, 2016 To align Directive 056 with the Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework, references to Directive 019, voluntary self-disclosure, and records correction have been removed from the directive. These changes include the removal of the “self-disclosure” check box on the Directive 56 application forms. Voluntary self-disclosures should be directed to the appropriate contact using the Voluntary Self-Disclosure Form. For more information, see Bulletin 2016-01 and the Directive 056 FAQs on compliance assurance. Questions can be directed to
June 8, 2016 The following three documents have been removed from the Directive 056 webpage under Supplemental Information > Directive 056 Tools: (1) Process Clarification for Surface Facility Licensing Issues, (2) Reference Tool for Directive 056: Instructions for Increasing H2S Partial Pressure of Existing Oil Effluent Pipelines, and (3) Process Clarification for Licensing Pipeline Amendments.
March 10, 2016 New FAQs on Application Audit Submissions added to Facilities Technical, Pipelines Technical, Wells Technical, and Participation Involvement
January 19, 2016 New FAQ on licence extension added to Facilities Technical, Pipelines Technical, and Wells Technical FAQs.
March 13, 2015 New FAQ, "When applying for the installation of a free-standing liner and filling out Schedule 3.1, do I identify the pipe specifications of the existing pipeline or the proposed liner?", added to Pipelines Technical FAQs
January 29, 2015 New FAQ's have been added regarding ABSA, Pop Tank, Spacing, and Tank Heater.
May 1, 2014 Requirements for the Peace River area have been added to section 8.
June 17, 2013 All documents have been, or are in the process of being, rebranded under the Alberta Energy Regulator.
March 26, 2013 New Tool – Energy Development Category Type Calculator for Surface Equipment
Helps identify which category type should be used when applying for a Facility application based on surface equipment and inlet information.
September 19, 2012 Urban Centres question removed from FAQs - Participant Involvement.
June 13, 2012 Sour Gas Planning and Proliferation Requirements question added to FAQs - Participant Involvement
March 20, 2012 Equipment Spacing Exemptions questions added to FAQs - Facilities Technical.
January 3, 2012 Checklist for 21 Day Temporary Surface Pipelines for Well Testing Purposes (June 2008) has been removed. This has been updated and incorporated into Directive 077.
December 14, 2011 Wells Technical FAQ's have been added regarding Bottomhole location changes
November 21, 2011 All sections of the FAQ's have been updated as a result of the release of the revised edition of Directive 056.
October 25, 2011 The documents "EUB Reference Tool for Sour Service Conversion of Existing Carbon Steel Pipelines" and "Interpretation of Sour Service Material Requirements for New Pipeline Construction" have been removed from Directive 056 Tools - Pipelines. Questions regarding these issues can be directed to
October 6, 2011 Pipelines Technical FAQ's have been added regarding Environmental Requirements
September 1, 2011 New edition of Directive 056 released. In effect September 26, 2011
August 5, 2011 Wells Technical FAQ's have been added regarding Drill Cutting Sample Changes

Supplemental Information

Participant Involvement information requirements, and other related documents that are linked below have been issued in conjunction with Directive 056 (formerly Guide 56). These links will be updated as more documents become available.

I. Directive 056 Tools

H2S Conversion Calculator [XLS]
This simple Excel spreadsheet allows the user to convert H2S concentrations between units of percentage (%), parts per million (ppm) and moles per kilomole (mol/kmol).

Energy Development Category Type Calculator for Surface Equipment [XLS] 
This simple Excel spreadsheet helps identify which category type should be used when applying for a Facility application based on surface equipment and inlet information.

Reference Tool for Interpreting Pipeline Pressure Control and Overpressure Protection Requirements
(March 2007) Clarifies the requirements of Canadian Standards Association Z662-03: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems, Clause 4.14.1

Process for Pipeline Applications of Fiberspar, Flexpipe, Flexcord or Flexsteel Composite Pipes
Updated April 2016, to reflect CSA Z662-15 and Pipeline Rules AR 91/2005

Checklist for Minimum Technical Requirements for Pipeline Applications
(September 2003) This document provides technical guidance for an applicant submitting pipeline applications.

II. Directive 56 Schedules September 2011 edition

Schedule 1: Applicant General Information

Schedule 2: Facility Licence Application

Schedule 2.1: Working Interest Participants - Facilities

Schedule 2.2: Gas Plants - Facilities

Schedule 2.3: H 2 S Information - Facilities

Schedule 2.4: Compressors/Pumps - Facilities

Schedule 3: Pipeline Licence Application (updated: February 2011)

Schedule 3.1: Pipeline Segment Identification (updated: February 2011)

Schedule 3.2: Technical/Environmental Information (added: February 2011)

Schedule 4: Well Licence Application

Schedule 4.1: Working Interest Participants - Wells

Schedule 4.2: Multiwell Pad Location

Schedule 4.3: Well H2S Information

III. Participant Involvement Information

EnerFAQs: A series of documents dealing with topics about the energy industry

AER Brochure: Understanding Oil and Gas Development in Alberta 

Letter from the CEO of the AER

IV. Other Supporting Documents

GB 2003-22: Clarification of Energy Application Process: When May an Applicant Request a Hearing with the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board?

Integrated Application Registry (IAR)
Access this system to check the status of applications.





Compliance Assurance



Licence Extension

Participant Involvement


If after careful study, you have a specific question not covered in Directive 056 or available as a Frequently Asked Question, please contact the Infrastructure Authorizations at:

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