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Carol Crowfoot

Carol Crowfoot

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Regulatory Division

Carol Crowfoot has been monitoring energy markets since 1981 and has been with the AER since 2007. Ms. Crowfoot is the AER’s executive vice president of the Strategy and Regulatory Division and its chief economist. She is responsible for leading the organization to the successful execution of its strategy, ensuring organization standards are developed and followed when designing risked-based regulatory requirements and delivering energy information, independent analysis, and supply-and-demand forecasts for Alberta commodities to all stakeholders. 

Ms. Crowfoot started her career at GLJ Petroleum Consultants. She was responsible for monitoring and understanding the fundamentals of supply, demand, and transportation issues in energy markets. She also provided commentary regarding market trends and participated in regulatory hearings and civil proceeding as an expert witness. In addition to her duties with GLJ Petroleum Consultants, in 2002 Ms. Crowfoot was named president of GLJ Energy Publications Inc., a firm specializing in market information and analysis of the North American natural gas industry.

Throughout her career, Ms. Crowfoot has been a frequent presenter to industry conferences including the Canadian Energy Research Institute Natural Gas Conference, numerous Canadian Institute conferences, Economics Society of Calgary technical seminars, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Conference conventions, and Petroleum Society technical luncheons.