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Project Application


Our estimated processing time for this application is 5 business days. See our timeline spreadsheet for updates.

Purpose of the Application

Companies must apply for temporary field authorizations (TFAs) to

  • respond to client requests for incidental clearings or activities on public land,
  • respond to temporary changes in existing land disposition authorizations, or
  • temporarily authorize appropriate land uses on public lands.

Process Checklist

Submit an Application
Companies seeking disposition operational approvals (DOAs) or temporary field authorizations (TFAs) are to submit their applications to the relevant email address listed below.

Please include the legal land description (and disposition number, if applicable) in the subject line.

Review Process

  1. We will assign the application to a subject matter expert, who will review the following:
  2. We may request additional information (through a supplemental information request) to complete our review.
  3. We will decide to approve, close, or deny the application. If we close it, the applicant may reapply without prejudice. If we deny it, the applicant can file an appeal through our appeal process.
  4. We will provide the applicant with a link to the letter with our decision, which is accessible through the Integrated Application Registry. We will also share our decision on our Publication of Decision page.