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Project Application

As our Integrated Decision Approach (IDA) to energy regulation continues to change the way companies apply to carry out their energy projects, companies will need to change the way they engage with Albertans and indigenous peoples.

"Public involvement" is an umbrella term that encompasses all interactions and communication between Albertans, indigenous peoples, industry, and the AER.

Companies Must Have a Plan 

Before submitting a project application to the AER, companies must develop and implement a public involvement plan that considers parties whose rights may be directly and adversely affected by a proposed application. As part of this plan, companies must

  • distribute a project information package and required AER publications;
  • respond to questions and concerns about the application; and
  • discuss options, alternatives, and mitigation measures.

Early involvement and informal discussions with Albertans and indigenous communities may lead to project plans with fewer environmental, social, economic, and cultural concerns, and ultimately, projects with fewer adverse impacts.

Public involvement does not end with our approval and issuance of a licence; rather, it must continue throughout the life cycle of an energy project.

AER Engagement Process 

In fall 2017, we met with Albertans and indigenous communities across the province to understand how they wanted companies to engage with them about proposed energy development. In February 2018, a participant Involvement Advisory Panel was established to help the AER develop enhanced public involvement requirements using feedback from public engagement sessions that began in January 2017.

The panel provided advice and guiding principles that influenced the development of the draft public involvement requirements. They also wrote a message to explain their contributions to the process.

The feedback from the public engagement sessions and advice from the panel were used to develop draft Directive XXX: Public Involvement, which sets out industry requirements for engaging and informing members of the public on energy resource developments throughout the lifecycle of a project.  

Engagement Timeline

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  • In fall 2017, we met with Albertans and indigenous communities across the province to understand how they wanted companies to engage with them about proposed energy development.

  • We hosted several public engagement sessions across the province to gather feedback on how to update our public involvement requirements under IDA. If you weren’t able to attend a session, check out the session event summaries.

  • The Participant Involvement Advisory Panel reviewed the feedback from the public engagement sessions and provided us with advice on how to update our public involvement requirements.

  • Draft Directive XXX: Public Involvement was released on June 25, 2019, for public feedback.

  • The AER is now reviewing the feedback received during the public comment period.
    Depending on that feedback, additional engagement may be required.

  • All feedback received since 2017 may be used in finalizing the requirements.


  • Participant Involvement Initiative - Shaping Future Conversations [PDF]
  • Summaries from public engagement events [ZIP]
  • Background on the Participant Involvement Advisory Panel: Member Selection and Biographies [PDF]
  • Participant Involvement Advisory Panel Terms of Reference [PDF]
  • Participant Involvement Advisory Panel Guiding Principles [PDF]
  • A Message from the IDA PI [Participant Involvement] Panel [PDF]
  • Participant Involvement Advisory Panel Advice [PDF]