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Rules and Directives

We release bulletins to inform industry and Albertans about regulatory activities, such as new regulatory requirements, new programs, or new processes. Bulletins may announce, but do not establish, requirements related to energy development in Alberta.

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Number Name Date
Bulletin 2019-21 AER Approval Still Required for Disposal Schemes With a Crown Mineral Activity Authorization August 08, 2019
Bulletin 2019-20 Public Land Disposition Applications Moving to OneStop August 06, 2019
Bulletin 2019-19 Directive 050 Updated With New Soil Endpoint and Post-Disposal Sampling Values for Zinc August 01, 2019
Bulletin 2019-18 New Working Interest Cost Claim Form July 15, 2019
Bulletin 2019-17 2019/20 AER Administration Fees (Industry Levy) July 11, 2019
Bulletin 2019-16 National Energy Board Safety Advisory July 04, 2019
Bulletin 2019-15 Invitation for Feedback on Draft Requirements for Public Involvement June 25, 2019
Bulletin 2019-14 Invitation for Feedback on Revisions to Directive 081 June 20, 2019
Bulletin 2019-13 New Alberta Environment and Parks Surface Water Allocation Directive May 30, 2019
Bulletin 2019-12 New Subsurface Order Institutes New Monitoring, Setback, and Response Requirements to Manage the Risk of Induced Seismicity Near the Brazeau Reservoir May 27, 2019
Bulletin 2019-11 Public Land Disposition Applications Moving to OneStop May 16, 2019
Bulletin 2019-10 New Manual for Coal Mine Pit Wall Abandonment May 08, 2019
Bulletin 2019-09 2019/20 Orphan Fund Levy May 03, 2019
Bulletin 2019-08 Reminder of Increased Risk of Fire During Drier Months April 29, 2019
Bulletin 2019-07 Recommendations around Hydraulic Fracturing in the Red Deer Area March 15, 2019
Bulletin 2019-06 Amended Requirements in Directive 036 for the Certification and Storage of Blowout Preventers March 14, 2018
Bulletin 2019-05 AER Version of the Record of Site Condition Form March 11, 2018
Bulletin 2019-04 Update to Survey Plan Requirements When Applying for a Reclamation Certificate February 25, 2019
Bulletin 2019-03 Applications for Partial Upgraders February 19, 2019
Bulletin 2019-02 Update to Disposition Renewal Applications February 14, 2019
Bulletin 2019-01 Directive 060 Annual Methane Emissions Reporting in OneStop January 24, 2019