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Manual 005: Pipeline Inspections Updated

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Release Date: Aug 18, 2016

This bulletin announces the release of a new edition of Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Manual 005: Pipeline Inspections.

Manual 005, first issued in September 2013, is a resource document for AER field operations staff. The purpose of the manual is to assist staff inspecting pipelines to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards, including Canadian Standards Association CSA Z662: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. Section 9 of the Pipeline Rules indicates that the latest published edition of CSA Z662 is in force unless otherwise indicated.

We publicly released Manual 005 on our website so that industry could use it as a guide for their own compliance management systems. We also committed to regularly updating the manual to ensure that it continues to reflect current regulatory requirements. Manual 005 refers to requirements in CSA Z662, which was updated in 2015. We have therefore revised Manual 005 as follows:

  • updated CSA Z662 references (i.e., part numbers, section numbers, and numbered clauses) to align with the latest update in CSA Z662-15; and
  • changed the description of noncompliances to reflect minor wording changes in CSA Z662-15.

The manual has also been updated to remove all references to Directive 019: Compliance Assurance, which has been rescinded and replaced by Manual 013: Compliance and Enforcement. (See Bulletin 2016-01 for more information.)

Any questions about Manual 005 should be sent by email to

Manual 005 is available on the AER website,, under Rules and Directives > Manuals.

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Martin Foy
Vice President
Environment and Operational Performance Branch