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Procedure for Submissions: Annual Reservoir Review for Gas Pools

This informational letter supersedes ILs 80-9, 80-28, and 81-11, which outlined procedures and identified specific gas pools for industry submission of reservoir studies.

The Energy Resources Conservation Board has as one of its basic objectives the assessment of the reserves and deliverability of gas and associated co-products in Alberta. Such data are used by the Board in its role respecting conservation of resources, in its administrative duties respecting removal of gas from the province and for industrial use, and in providing advice to government for use in planning, policy development, and revenue forecasting. In addition, the Board's reserve estimates are used by other government organizations and industry for a variety of purposes. Consequently, it is very important that the Board keep abreast of provincial gas reserve developments. To accomplish this the Board has adopted a program that will result in a systematic, continuing review of all gas pools in the province.

General bulletins will be issued designating specific pools, submission dates, and requirements. Submission dates will be chosen having regard for the time required by industry to complete the studies and by the Board to review the submissions and incorporate any resultant reserve changes into its reserve updates. The Board will require that submissions, with detailed supporting information, be prepared respecting the established gas and co-product reserves, and the expected deliverability for each product produced from the pool. It is expected that follow-up regarding these submissions will be limited to telephone queries and possibly informal meetings with the Board staff, but probably not public hearings.

The Board welcomes submissions from gas producers and gas purchasers who have a direct interest in any of the pools. The Board would prefer a single submission from a major operator or co-ordinating operator in each pool, but where this is not practical, will accept separate submissions from different operators, each dealing with a significant portion of the pool.

The submissions will be available for public scrutiny in the Board's Records Centre by reference to the "Annual Reservoir Review for Gas Pools."

Any questions or discussions regarding this matter should be directed to Harold Keushnig of the Board's Gas Department, telephone 261-8511, telex 03-821717.

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G. J. DeSorcy
Vice Chairman