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Rules and Directives

Suspension, Abandonment, Decontamination, and Surface Land Reclamation of Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities

This document supersedes Informational Letter 96-3, which is hereby rescinded.

Alberta Environmental Protection (AEP) and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) have reached agreement which further clarifies their responsibilities for the regulation of the suspension, abandonment, decontamination, and surface land reclamation activities at upstream oil and gas facilities. This agreement is set out in the attached Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which is intended to clarify the jurisdictional roles of AEP and the EUB to reduce regulatory duplication and enhance protection of the environment and the public interest.

The MOU will alter the way in which the industry, EUB, and AEP have interacted previously in the area of site decontamination. In the future, oil and gas companies may have more interaction with AEP during the decontamination process. The EUB will continue to focus greater efforts on the prevention of contamination and the timely suspension and abandonment of non-economic facilities.

Questions regarding the MOU should be directed to the appropriate contacts shown in Section 8 of the attached MOU.

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Céline Bélanger
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

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J. R. Nichols
Deputy Minister
Alberta Environmental Protection