Acts, Regulations & Rules


Acts, Regulations & Rules

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Legislation Governing the AER

The Responsible Energy Development Act (REDA) establishes the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and sets out its mandate, structure, powers, duties, and functions. REDA was proclaimed in part on June 17, 2013. Further parts of REDA were proclaimed on November 6, 2013. The remaining parts were proclaimed on March 29, 2014.

The regulations (listed below) made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council under REDA provide more details about the legislative framework of the AER, including principles governing the transition of the ERCB to the AER and the transfer of jurisdiction over the specified enactments (also below) to the AER.

The rules made by the minister of energy or the AER under REDA are as follows:

Energy Resource Enactments

Energy resource enactments are the acts, regulations, and rules governing energy resource development in Alberta that the AER administers:

The Lieutenant Governor in Council has also made the following regulation, which updates a number of regulations that reference the AER:

Specified Enactments

Specified enactments are the acts and regulations that the AER administers with respect to energy resource activities:

Orders in Council made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council under REDA make appointments to the AER

Ministerial Order

AER Interim Regulatory Guide

The AER has developed an interim (i.e., draft) regulatory guide to explain how the new system for regulating the full life cycle of energy projects in Alberta operates. The guide also provides an overview of the AER’s application and decision-making processes. Although the guide helps explain many of the acts and regulations listed above, it is not intended as a substitute for the legal documents themselves. To the extent that there may be inconsistencies between this document and the applicable legislation or regulations, the latter govern.

Interim Regulatory Guide - December 2013

Codes of practice under the Water Act or the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act