Bulletin 2012-12

Bulletin 2012-12: Surveillance of Pipeline Water Crossings Due to High Streamflow Conditions

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Surveillance of Pipeline Water Crossings Due to High Streamflow Conditions

Jun 12, 2012

The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) hereby advises pipeline licensees that high streamflow advisories, flood watches, or flood warnings have been issued for several areas of Alberta. High water levels have abruptly occurred due to significant rainfall combined with the melting of this year’s thick snowpack.

High streamflows and flooding have the potential to rapidly scour and wash out pipeline crossings of creeks, streams, and rivers. All licensees with pipelines crossing water bodies are expected to immediately apply extra operational diligence by

  • inspecting pipeline water crossings in areas currently experiencing or that have experienced high flows,
  • monitoring closely pipeline throughput in those areas in order to rapidly detect a leak should one occur, and
  • shutting in and/or purging any pipelines that are potentially at risk from high flows.

This extra operational diligence should be adopted through the spring and early summer melt and run-off periods, in addition to the normal surveillance mandated by the Pipeline Regulation.

The ERCB is aware that high streamflows may make pipeline crossing surveillance difficult or impossible at this time. In such cases, licensees are encouraged to isolate and purge pipelines where they may be at risk.

Up-to-date advisories on current emergency conditions can be obtained from the Government of Alberta’s Emergency Alert web page at www.emergencyalert.alberta.ca.

Specific water advisories and warnings can be obtained from www.environment.alberta.ca/forecasting/advisories.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the ERCB Pipeline Operations Section at pipelineoperations@ercb.ca.

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Robin King
Executive Manager
Field Surveillance and Operations Branch