What's New

  • Jan 30
    ST13 Alberta Gas Plant/Gas Gathering System Statistics
  • Jan 30
    ST50 Gas Processing Plants in Alberta
  • Jan 29
    Announcement - January 29, 2015 New FAQs are available on the Directive 56 web page
  • Jan 29
    Regulatory Change Report Published each Thursday, the Regulatory Change Report is a one-stop source for both industry and public to learn about the AER’s regulatory initiatives.
  • Jan 28
    Proceeding 1820248 Notice of Intention to Issue a Declaration - Section 106 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act

Spotlight on...

Best-In-Class Project

The AER selected the University of Pennsylvania Law School to lead a project that will define ‘best-in-class’ with stakeholders and provide the AER with the tools to become a best-in-class energy regulator.

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