News Releases

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Name Description Date
News Release 2018-03-28 Bashaw Oil Corp sour well applications denied March 28, 2018
News Release 2018-02-22 Updated AER water use report shows companies are using less February 22, 2018
Media Advisory 2018-01 AER to hold technical briefing on updated water use report February 21, 2018
Public Statement 2018-02-15 Why we are fighting: AER president and CEO Jim Ellis February 15, 2018
Media Advisory 2017-04 AER president and CEO speaking to international delegates November 20, 2017
News Release 2017-11-09 Supreme Court of Canada to hear AER appeal of the Redwater decision November 09, 2017
Media Advisory 2017-03 AER responding to bird fatalities in oil sands area September 19, 2017
News Release 2017-09-01 Prairie Mines & Royalty fined $95,000 September 01, 2017
News Release 2017-08-03 Syncrude charged with blue heron deaths August 03, 2017
News Release 2017-07-06 Nexen charged for July 2015 Long Lake pipeline spill July 06, 2017
News Release 2017-06-30 AER Issues Order to Journey Energy Inc. Following Two Crude Oil Emulsion Spills June 30, 2017
News Release 2017-06-27 The Year That Was: Five Things About the AER’s 2016/17 Annual Report June 27, 2017
News Release 2017-06-13 Lexin agrees to cooperate with receivership, director pays $175 000 June 13, 2017
News Release 2017-06-09 Guilty plea leads to $925,000 penalty for Obed Mountain Coal Mine spill June 09, 2017
News Release 2017-05-31 AER releases industry water use report to drive improved performance May 31, 2017
News Release 2017-04-28 AER to appeal Redwater decision to Supreme Court of Canada April 28, 2017
News Release 2017-03-22 Prairie Mines & Royalty ULC and Westmoreland Coal Company face charges March 22, 2017
News Release 2017-02-28_2 The AER releases Annual Reserves and Supply/Demand Outlook Report online February 28, 2017
News Release 2017-02-28 AER issues penalty to Murphy Oil Limited for 2015 spill February 28, 2017
News Release 2017-02-23 AER issues Peace River area directive February 23, 2017
News Release 2017-02-21 AER expands pipeline incident reporting to drive improved performance February 21, 2017
Media Advisory 2017-02 AER to hold technical briefing on pipeline performance February 17, 2017
News Release 2017-02-15 AER escalates enforcement action against Lexin Resources Ltd. February 15, 2017
Media Advisory 2017-01 AER briefing on corporate enforcement action February 14, 2017
Public Statement 2017-01-13 Supreme Court of Canada Ernst v. Alberta Energy Regulator decision January 13, 2017
News Release 2016-10-25 The Alberta Energy Regulator has issued a formal notice of investigation to Trilogy Energy Corporation October 25, 2016
News Release 2016-10-04 Apache pleads guilty after two pipeline failures October 04, 2016
News Release 2016-07-14 New Rules Target Tailings Ponds July 14, 2016
News Release 2016-06-14 AER issues Environmental Protection Order to ConocoPhillips June 14, 2016
Public Statement 2016-05-27 AER appeals Court of Queen’s Bench Redwater decision May 27, 2016
News Release 2016-03-21 CNRL Primrose incident caused by excessive steaming; AER releases final investigation report March 21, 2016
Media Advisory 2016-03-17 AER to hold technical briefing on its investigation into Canadian Natural Resource Limited’s Primrose flow-to-surface events March 17, 2016
News Release 2016-01-18 AER lays charges against Apache for 2014 pipeline spill January 18, 2016
News Release 2015-11-06 Results of AER dam safety inspections released November 06, 2015
News Release 2015-10-28 AER CEO Orders Hearing to Review Ferus Application October 28, 2015
News Release 2015-10-21 Alberta Energy Regulator seeks input from Albertans on regulatory excellence in Alberta – University of Pennsylvania delivers final framework for regulatory excellence October 21, 2015
News Release 2015-10-19 Charges laid regarding October 2013 Apache Zama City pipeline spill October 19, 2015
News Release 2015-10-16 Charges laid regarding October 2013 Obed Mountain Coal Mine spill October 16, 2015
News Release 2015-09-21 The AER Responding to a Natural Gas Well Blowout near Fox Creek September 21, 2015
News Release 2015-09-17 AER seeks feedback on draft requirements for managing tailings in Alberta September 17, 2015
News Release 2015-09-16 AER allows resumption of 10 production pipelines at Nexen Long Lake; 45 lines remain shut in September 16, 2015
News Release 2015-09-06 AER allows resumption of utility pipelines at Nexen Long Lake; 55 lines remain shut in September 06, 2015
News Release 2015-08-28 AER issues Suspension Order to Nexen August 28, 2015
News Release 2015-08-18 The updated Alberta Table of Formations is now available as a reference for resource industries to identify and name geological formations encountered in Alberta. August 18, 2015
News Release 2015-08-11 AER issues Environmental Protection Order to Syncrude August 11, 2015
News Release 2015-08-08 AER responding to waterfowl deaths at a Syncrude site in the Fort McMurray area August 08, 2015
News Release 2015-07-17 AER issues Environmental Protection Order to Nexen July 17, 2015
News Release 2015-07-16 AER responding to a pipeline failure near Fort McMurray July 16, 2015
News Release 2015-07-07 Apache Canada Ltd subject to AER enforcement action July 07, 2015
News Release 2015-07-03 Alberta Energy Regulator shuts in wells following compliance sweeps in the Peace River area July 03, 2015
News Release 2015-06-29 AER releases annual reserves report June 29, 2015
News Release 2015-03-13 AER suspends Directive 074: Tailings Performance Criteria and Requirements for Oil Sands Mining Schemes March 13, 2015
News Release 2015-03-11 AER responds to Auditor General’s audit of pipeline safety and will support recommendations made to the Government of Alberta on dam safety March 11, 2015
News Release 2015-02-19 AER responding to seismic events in the Fox Creek area February 19, 2015
News Release 2015-02-18 AER expands public reporting with new dashboard February 18, 2015
News Release 2014-11-23 AER responds to sour gas release near Airdrie November 23, 2014
News Release 2014-11-20 AER determines Athabasca Oil Sands mining operators in compliance with waterfowl protection requirements November 20, 2014
News Release 2014-11-12 Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) announces best-in-class project November 12, 2014
Media Advisory 2014-11-05 AER responding to waterfowl impacts at three Athabasca Oil Sands Area tailings ponds November 05, 2014
Media Advisory 2014-11-04 AER responding to waterfowl incidents reported in the Athabasca oil sands area November 04, 2014
News Release 2014-10-09 Alberta Energy Regulator approves Grand Rapids Pipeline application October 09, 2014
News Release 2014-08-15 Alberta Energy Regulator requires operators in Peace River area to capture all casing and tank top gas August 15, 2014
News Release 2014-07-29 Alberta Energy Regulator announces a more efficient process for Public Lands Act applications July 29, 2014
News Release 2014-07-22 Alberta Energy Regulator responds to reports on the cause of bitumen releases at CNRL’s Primrose project July 22, 2014
News Release 2014-07-02 Alberta Energy Regulator pilots play-based regulation project July 02, 2014
News Release 2014-06-26 Alberta Energy Regulator Marks One Year, Launches First Annual Report June 26, 2014
Media Advisory 2014-06-23 Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) celebrates one-year anniversary and launch of the organization’s first annual report at event in Calgary on June 26. June 23, 2014
News Release 2014-06-23 Alberta Energy Regulator signs Memorandum of Understanding with Mexico June 23, 2014
News Release 2014-06-16 Alberta Energy Regulator takes action in Peace River: flaring, venting, and incinerating directive now in effect June 16, 2014
News Release 2014-05-30 Environmental Charges Laid Against Plains Midstream Canada ULC May 30, 2014
News Release 2014-05-29 Alberta Energy Regulator Report Shows 8 Per Cent Growth in Bitumen Production And 5 Per Cent Increase in Crude Oil Production May 29, 2014
News Release 2014-05-15 Alberta Energy Regulator and BC Oil and Gas Commission form partnership May 15, 2014
News Release 2014-05-13 AER to offer live audio streams of public hearings May 13, 2014
News Release 2014-04-17 Alberta Energy Regulator approves CNRL modified steaming application April 17, 2014
News Release 2014-04-15/2 AER accepts recommendations from the proceeding into odours and emissions from heavy oil operations in the Peace River area April 15, 2014
News Release 2014-04-15 AER issues revised flaring, venting, and incineration directive April 15, 2014
Media Advisory 2014-04-11 AER to hold technical briefing on panel recommendations from the proceeding into odours and emissions from heavy oil operations in the Peace River area April 11, 2014
News Release 2014-03-31/2 AER Peace River Proceeding Panel Makes 20 Recommendations Regarding Heavy Oil Operations; Report Regarding Proceeding into Odours and Emissions from Heavy Oil Operations in the Peace River Area Released. March 31, 2014
News Release 2014-03-31 Alberta Energy Regulator completes transition to a single regulator March 31, 2014
News Release 2014-03-04 AER releases investigation report on pipeline incident near Sundre March 04, 2014
News Release 2014-03-03 AER Releases Investigation Report on Well Site Incident Near Rainbow Lake March 03, 2014
News Release 2014-02-27 AER Releases Decision Regarding Coalspur Mines Ltd. Applications February 27, 2014