Program Overview
Remediation certificates enable the cleanup of spills by providing closure of regulatory liability. Remediation certificates officially recognize that a remediation project has achieved the regulator’s environmental protection objectives. To be eligible for a remediation certificate, applicants must demonstrate remediation success and complete the Remediation Certificate Application Form as described in Guides to Remediation Certificates.

Remediation Certificates Application Guideline
Affected areas on oil and gas sites that have been remediated to appropriate standards may be eligible for a remediation certificate. This program includes upstream oil and gas sites such as well sites, pipelines, and batteries. This program does not apply to processing facilities that are considered part of downstream operations or facilities that operate under approval of Alberta Environment, such as sour gas processing facilities.

  • Remediation Certificate - Fact Sheet [PDF]
  • Remediation Certificate Application Form [PDF] [DOC]
  • Remediation Certificate Application Guide [PDF]
Application for Remediation Certificates
Participation in the remediation certificate program is voluntary. Energy companies seeking a remediation certificate must submit a completed Remediation Certificate Application Form. The form must be signed by both the applicant and a member of a Professional Regulatory Organization.

If the applicants meet the statutory and program requirements and apply with the required information, the AER may issue a remediation certificate. A remediation certificate provides assurance that additional remediation is not required.

If an application is incomplete, it will be refused and the applicant may file a request for a regulatory appeal.

Public notice of the application will be provided in accordance with REDA. People who believe they may be directly and adversely affected may file a statement of concern with the AER within the time periods specified in the public notice.

If a decision is made on a remediation certificate application, a notice of that decision will be provided and one may be able to file a request for regulatory appeal with the AER.

View the overview presentation on the Remediation Certificate Program.

Environmental Assurance
The remediation certificate and supporting documentation are publicly available.

The AER audits a certain percentage of remediation certificates and can refuse to issue a remediation certificate for a site if the information requirements are not met or the remediated area does not meet Alberta's remediation guidelines. A remediation certificate may be cancelled if the remediated area fails an audit or there is a substantiated complaint.