Engagement Advisory Committee


Engagement Advisory Committee

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Advisory Committee

As the province’s regulator for energy activity, the Alberta Energy Regulator is committed to protecting what matters most to Albertans—public safety and the environment—all while ensuring the rules are followed at every stage of development.

The AER also strives to be an open and transparent regulator and we count on a number of groups to help keep us accountable.

The Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Advisory Committee (MSEAC) was created in May 2015 in order to ensure the AER understands the values, perspectives, and interests of its stakeholders regarding regulatory changes, while also providing a venue for stakeholders to provide advice to the AER on a number of initiatives. Through MSEAC, the AER is better able to provide meaningful engagement to other stakeholders and Indigenous communities.

MSEAC is made up of a varied group of representatives from:

  • Indigenous Groups
  • Government Organizations
  • Nongovernmental Organizations, and
  • Landowner Representatives.