Expense Disclosure

Beginning December 14, 2012, the AER will disclose expenses of the Board of Directors, Hearing Commissioners and Executive that include:
  • travel (including transportation, accommodation, meals, and related incidentals)
  • hospitality and working sessions

The reports will include expenses reimbursed from October 1st, 2012 onwards and will be supported by itemized receipts and invoices. Personal information unrelated to government business has been redacted. Reimbursed expenses are reported on a bi-monthly basis within 10 business days past the 1st of the month following the reporting period. Posted expenses will be archived for two years.

Name Title Aug/Sept 2016 June/July 2016 Apr/May 2016 Feb/Mar 2016
Board of Directors
Gerry Protti Chairman PDF PDF PDF PDF
Cameron Bailey Board Director - - - -
Dr. David Chalack Board Director - PDF PDF PDF
Catherine Doyle Board Director PDF PDF PDF PDF
Dr. Peter Flynn Board Director - PDF PDF PDF
Andrew Neigel Board Director PDF PDF PDF PDF
Sheila O'Brien Board Director - - - -
Hearing Commissioners
Alex Bolton Chief Hearing Commissioner PDF PDF PDF PDF
Cindy Chiasson Hearing Commissioner PDF - - -
Terry Engen Hearing Commissioner PDF PDF PDF PDF
Heather Kennedy Hearing Commissioner - PDF PDF -
John Lawson Hearing Commissioner PDF PDF - PDF
Cecilia Low Hearing Commissioner PDF PDF PDF PDF
Chrisitine Macken Hearing Commissioner PDF PDF - PDF
Brad McManus Hearing Commissioner PDF PDF PDF PDF
Rob McManus Hearing Commissioner PDF PDF PDF PDF
Barbara McNeil Hearing Commissioner PDF PDF PDF PDF
Jurgen Preugschas Hearing Commissioner - PDF PDF PDF
Lorne Ternes Hearing Commissioner - PDF PDF PDF
President and Executive Vice Presidents
Jim Ellis President and Chief Executive Officer PDF PDF PDF PDF
Kirk Bailey Executive Vice President, Operations PDF PDF PDF PDF
Rick Brown Executive Vice President, Corporate Services PDF PDF PDF PDF
Cal Hill Executive Vice President, Strategy and Regulatory - PDF PDF PDF
Patricia Johnston Executive Vice President, General Counsel PDF - PDF PDF
Jennifer Steber Executive Vice President, Stakeholder and Government Engagement PDF PDF PDF PDF
Vice Presidents
Andrew Beaton Vice President, Alberta Geological Survey PDF PDF PDF PDF
Kim Blanchette Vice President, Public Affairs PDF PDF PDF PDF
Arthur Boykiw Vice President, Information Services PDF - - PDF
Susan Cassidy Vice President, People and Culture PDF PDF - -
Brenda Cherry Vice President, Authorizations PDF PDF PDF PDF
Selena Cole Vice President, Alberta Government Engagement PDF PDF PDF PDF
Carol Crowfoot Vice President, Regulatory Operations and Economics - PDF PDF PDF
Martin Foy Vice President, Environment and Operational Performance PDF PDF PDF PDF
Tristan Goodman Vice Presdient, Major Projects and Transformation PDF PDF PDF PDF
Veronique Giry Vice President, Industry Operations PDF - - -
Tom Heywood Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer - PDF - -
Kolleen Kidd Vice President, Information Management - - - -
Eric Kimmel Vice President, Strategy Development PDF PDF PDF -
Jil MacDonald Vice President, Closure and Liability - PDF PDF PDF
Kevin Parks Vice President, Reserves and Resources PDF PDF PDF -
Gary Perkins Vice President and Associate General Counsel PDF - - PDF
Zeeshan Syed Vice President, National, International Stakeholder and Government Relations PDF PDF PDF PDF
Mark Taylor Vice President, Climate Policy Assurance PDF PDF PDF PDF
Robert Wadsworth Vice President, Centre of Regulatory Excellence PDF - PDF PDF
Jennifer Wells Vice President, Alberta Stakeholder Engagement PDF PDF PDF PDF
Other Disclosers
Doug Boyler Chief Operations Engineer - - - -
Dr. Monique Dube Chief Environmental Scientist PDF PDF PDF PDF
Martin Krezalek Chief of Staff PDF PDF PDF PDF

Archived Expense Reports

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AER (Aug 2014 - Mar 2015)

AER (Dec 2013 - Jul 2014)

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AER (June 2013 - July 2013)

ERCB (Oct 2012 - May 2013)

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