Tailings Technology

Oil sands mine development, and the tailings that accompany the activity, have a long history in Alberta. Over the years, the regulator, industry, and government, have worked together to improve tailings management, reduce their environmental footprints, ensure safety for people and wildlife, and enhance the land reclamation process, but there is more that can be done.

Significant progress in tailings management has been made since Directive 074 was released in 2009. Since then oil sands mining operators have:

  • developed and implemented improvements in tailings reclamation management,
  • optimized existing technologies to determine the best and most effective methods to manage tailings, and
  • shared results with each other as part of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance.

These benefits are an important step to continuing advancements in the management and reclamation of fluid tailings. The release of the TMF is the next progression of tailings management in Alberta.