Organizational Structure


Organizational Structure

  • The AER is made up of various divisions and branches, configured to create a collaborative approach to our business. Teams are composed of people from all pertinent branches (a “matrix” approach) to ensure effective solutions. Below is a list of the various divisions and branches in the AER and brief descriptions of what they do.
The AER Customer Contact Centre is the central point of contact for the AER. The CCC can be reached from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday at 1-855-297-8311 or at For the Energy and Environmental 24-hour Response Line, call 1-800-222-6514.

Division Overview – Operations

Executive Vice President, Mark Taylor
Senior Vice President, Industry Operations Branch, Tristan Goodman
Vice President, Authorizations Branch, Brenda Cherry
Vice President, Closure and Liability Branch, Robert Wadsworth
Vice President, Environment and Operational Performance Branch, Martin Foy

The Operations Division oversees the full life cycle of energy resource development in Alberta. The division works with companies and stakeholders to assess new development proposals. It also holds companies accountable for delivering positive outcomes while meeting the regulatory requirements from design and construction through to active operations and, ultimately, decommissioning.

The division is made up of the following four branches:

  • The Authorizations Branch makes decisions about whether new development proposals should proceed.
  • The Environment and Operational Performance Branch monitors projects during their production phase to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • The Closure and Liability Branch holds companies accountable for meeting the regulatory requirements that apply to projects that are no longer producing.
  • The Industry Operations Branch reports on industry performance and looks for ways to improve the effectiveness of our regulatory system across the sectors that we regulate: oil and gas, pipelines, mining, and in situ.

Division Overview – Strategy and Regulatory
Executive Vice President, Carol Crowfoot
Vice President, Science and Evaluation Branch, Jil Macdonald
Vice President, Alberta Geological Survey, Andrew Beaton
Vice President, Strategic Management Branch, Tiffany Novotny

The Strategy and Regulatory Division ensures that the organization has a clear vision and strategy that maximize the opportunity for success, with measurable performance goals and objectives that are consistently achieved.

The division’s staff

  • use science and fact-based evaluation and forecasts to identify and manage issues, risks, and opportunities to enhance the regulatory system;
  • manage the regulatory development process; and
  • develop and implement the AER’s enterprise, strategic, and corporate operations plans.

The Strategy and Regulatory Division comprises three branches that help to deliver expertise to the AER:

  • Science and Evaluation Branch monitors and reports on current and reliable indicators of energy resource, environmental, and social outcomes related to energy development on the reservoir- to play-based scales.
  • The Alberta Geological Survey is a branch that provides the AER with scientific peer-reviewed research, maps, and reports on Alberta’s geology, earth resources, geological hazards, and groundwater on a regional scale.
  • Strategic Management Branch identifies emerging risks, issues, and opportunities, and directs regulatory development and the development of organizational strategy, planning, performance management.

Division Overview – Corporate Services
Executive Vice President, Rick Brown
Vice President, Finance Branch, Tom Heywood
Vice President, Human Resources Branch, Susan Cassidy
Vice President, Information Management, Kolleen Kidd
Vice President, Information Services, Glen Eades
Director, Administrative Services, Doug Townsend
Director, Internal Audit, Sukh Johal

The Corporate Services Division is committed to providing the foundational support necessary to enable the AER to achieve its mandate.

This division focuses on people and culture, infrastructure, in­formation, and fiscal responsibility. It is designed to support the organization with key corporate func­tions such as technology, data and information man­agement, facilities services, finance, administration, internal audit, and human resources.

The branches under the Corporate Services Division include the following:

  • Administrative and Workplace Services interfaces with all 17 AER locations to provide corporate real estate, facilities management, and office support services, and procurement, fleet, corporate security, and business continuity management in support of the AER's business needs throughout the province.
  • Finance is responsible for ensuring that the AER maintains appropriate stewardship over its financial resources by providing accounting, planning, budgeting, and reporting services. Finance is also responsible for providing assistance in the development of appropriate internal control frameworks, leads financial stewardship towards a balanced budget, ensures that financial statements are complete, accurate, and authorized, leads the administrative levy collection process, and provides advice and expertise to AER leaders.
  • People, Culture, and Learning provides AER leaders and employees with the policies, processes, programs, and initiatives to support all aspects of people management and the employee experience within the organization, including workforce planning, talent acquisition, performance management, career and succession management, leadership and employee development, employee engagement, and total rewards.
  • Information Management is responsible for ensuring the appropriate retention of all AER records and the management of all AER information and data assets while addressing risks, ensuring availability of and providing access to AER information and data to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Information Services provides the AER with information technology and related services that enable the regulator to perform its mandate effectively and efficiently while providing a governance model that protects the technology assets and users of the regulator.
  • Internal Audit conducts independent audit and advisory services to enhance effectiveness of AER controls and processes to meet organizational objectives and interface with the office of the Alberta Auditor General.

  • Division Overview – Stakeholder and Government Engagement
    Executive Vice President, Jennifer Steber
    Vice President, Alberta Stakeholder Engagement, Jennifer Wells
    Vice President, Alberta Government Engagement, Selena Cole
    Vice President, Public Affairs and National/International Relations, Kim Blanchette

    The Stakeholder and Government Engagement division supports all AER work though engagement, relationship building, information sharing, and collaborating with people and groups who are interested in or may be impacted by the AER’s decisions. Our division builds mutually beneficial relationships through four branches:

    • Alberta Government Engagement works with AER staff and our Government of Alberta partners to ensure that policy development and regulatory delivery for development of Alberta’s energy resources are integrated and aligned with each other. This branch provides strategic advice and engagement expertise to all areas of the organization with respect to the Alberta Government.
    • Alberta Stakeholder Engagement (ASE) engages our Alberta stakeholders and indigenous peoples to understand how they are affected by, or concerned about, energy development in Alberta. This engagement informs how the AER responds to issues and concerns. ASE connects with people across the province through community, indigenous and alternative dispute resolution specialists. In addition, the branch plays a key role in providing strategic advice, guidance and support in engagement planning for projects.
    • National and International Relations leads and facilitates organization-wide improvement that is informed by national and international perspectives. The AER is committed to demonstrating national and international leadership in regulating energy resources by learning from and sharing best practices and knowledge with our peers across Canada and around the globe.
    • Public Affairs is responsible for making sure that the AER’s communications, both internal and external, are clear, timely and easy to understand. It provides many services to the organization, including research, data analysis and insight, media relations and crisis communications, strategic planning and advice, internal and corporate communications, content development and publishing, editing, graphic design, digital media services, and web services.

    Division Overview – Law Branch
    Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Patricia Johnston
    Associate General Counsel, Gary Perkins

    The Law Branch provides high quality legal and strategic advice to the entire organization, including the Board of Directors, Hearing Commissioners and all Divisions of the AER. The Branch focuses on legal and strategic advice and is designed to support the organization deliver key functions such as authorizations, contracts, FOIP, hearings, litigation, regulatory and strategic projects, and government/stakeholder engagement.

    The Law Branch supports the organization with essential knowledge, advice and services related to their areas of expertise. The Branch understands and has expertise in the business and strategic issues that the AER faces. In addition the Branch has expertise in the statutes the AER administers – including all regulations, rules, directives and policies, which include

    • the Responsible Energy Development Act,
    • the Oil and Gas Conservation Act,
    • the Pipeline Act,
    • the Oil Sands Conservation Act,
    • the Coal Conservation Act,
    • the Water Act,
    • the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act,
    • the Public Lands Act, and
    • Part 8 of the Mines and Minerals Act.