Application 1759416

Notice of Cancellation of Hearing
Applications No. 1759416 and 1774552
Husky Oil Operations Ltd. and Gear Energy Ltd.
00/03-22-049-06W4/0 Well
Wildmere Sparky G Pool

The public hearing of Applications No. 1759416 and 1774552 scheduled to start on March 17, 2014, is cancelled.

Husky Oil Operations Limited (Husky) has requested to withdraw its application for an off-target penalty and its statement of concern against Gear Energy Limited’s (Gear’s) pool delineation application. The AER has accepted Husky’s requests and will begin further review and disposition of Gear’s pool delineation application.

For information on AER procedures, contact the application coordinator, Jessica Eslinger, by phone at 403-297-6599 or by e-mail to

Issued at Calgary, Alberta, on February 12, 2014.


Patricia M. Johnston, Q.C., General Counsel