Proceeding No. 1820248


Proceeding No. 1820248

Notice of Cancellation of Hearing
Proceeding No. 1820248
Section 106
Oil and Gas Conservation Act

The public hearing of Proceeding No. 1820248 scheduled to start on August 11, 2015, is cancelled.

By AER correspondence dated April 17, 2015, Mr. Karl was required to file by June 2, 2015, any evidence and submissions he intended to rely on in the noted proceeding. He provided no such filing. In AER correspondence dated June 19, 2015, Mr. Karl was advised that the hearing panel was considering cancelling the balance of the proceeding, including the hearing. If Mr. Karl had concerns with this process, he was to file his comments by June 24, 2015. He did not do so.

Accordingly, the AER has cancelled the hearing. The AER will decide whether a declaration under section 106 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act should be issued against Mr. Karl, based on the written materials submitted to date in this proceeding.

For information on AER procedures, contact the hearing coordinator, Greg McLean, by phone at 403-297-3232 or by e-mail to


Issued at Calgary, Alberta, on June 30, 2015.