Management of Commingling in the Wellbore

Effective December 15, 2006, there are three processes to manage the commingling of production in the wellbore. Any questions pertaining to information presented on this page or linked from this page can be directed to

Development entity in accordance with section 3.051 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules.

Self-declared commingling in accordance with section 3.051(2) of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules

Applications in accordance with Directive 065.

Development Entity Orders
A Development Entity (DE) is an entity consisting of multiple formations in a specific area described in an order of the AER, from which gas may be produced without segregation in the wellbore subject to certain criteria specified in section 3.051 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules and more fully described in Directive 065.

Development Entity Order 1
Development Entity Order 1A
Development Entity Order 1B
Development Entity Order 2
Development Entity Order 2A

Commingling Orders

MU Orders - A list of current Commingling orders (in PDF) by field name. Updated orders are posted weekly.

DE/SD Well List - Well List for DE/SD Commingling Process Declarations