Core & Drill Cutting Material Sampling


Core & Drill Cutting Material Sampling

Alberta Geological Survey (AGS)

As part of the Alberta Energy Regulator, we provide geological information and expertise to government, industry, and the public about Alberta’s resources and geological processes. This information helps manage and develop our resources. One example, of the AGS’s activities is to identify the chemical and physical characteristics of rocks and minerals. This information is then made available for public and industry use.

Material Sampling Procedure

To preserve and maintain the integrity of the core and drill cuttings stored at the AER’s Core Research Centre (CRC), the AER requires that all sampling activities be approved before they begin. Review the Material Sampling Procedure below to gain an understanding of what is expected before sampling can be approved, how to get approval to sample material, how to submit test results and return residual material, and how test results will be disseminated. Any forms or waivers you may need to complete or lists you may need to review before visiting the CRC to sample material are also listed here.

  • Material Sampling Procedure [PDF]
  • Material Sampling Procedure FAQs [PDF]
  • Updated Core & Drill Cutting Material Sampling Procedure Presentation [PDF]
  • Material Sampling Approval Form - Part A [PDF]
  • Material Sampling Approval Form - Part B [PDF]
  • List of Test Types Approved for Sampling [PDF]
  • Information Release and Liability Waiver for Sampling and Viewing of Confidential Material [PDF]

For more information on the procedures or how to complete and submit any of the documents listed above, call the CRC at 403-297-3584 or send an e-mail to

Reservoir Evaluation/Productivity Studies Index

Includes any testing pertaining to the estimation of or the recovery of, oil and gas reserves that does not involve routine measurements of porosity, permeability or fluid saturation. This includes conventional PVT analysis, special PVT studies, special core analysis and coal bed analysis. The entries within each section are listed in alphabetic sequence by abbreviated pool name, field name and by unique well identifier. Please note that data remain confidential for one year before release.

More information on how to order Reservoir Evaluation/Productivity Studies - Core and Drill Cuttings reports is available in the AER Products and Services Catalogue.

REPS [XLS] [PDF] - August 2017

NOTE: This product was formerly known as ST105: Pressure, Volume, Temperature (PVT) and Reservoir Evaluation/Productivity Studies Index.

Geological/Other Studies Index

Includes testing of material for geological or other purposes. These studies are laboratory tests conducted for use in formation evaluation of geological characteristics and pore types when measured data is unavailable. Confidentiality is based on the confidentiality of the well.

More information on how to order Geological/Other Studies Reports is available in the AER Products and Services Catalogue.

Updated Monthly

Current Issue: Geological/Other Studies Index [PDF] [XLS] - August 2017