Miscellaneous Forms

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AER Bulletin 2013-03: Mandated Subdivision and Development Application Referrals, Setback Relaxations, Land Development Information Package, and Abandoned Well Information

  • AER Setback Referral Form [PDF]

Release Report [DOC

  • NEW - Frequently Asked Questions on Release Reporting [PDF]

NEW - Release Report: Surface Release During HDD for Pipeline Construction [XLS]

  • Used for monthly report for low-impact releases
  • Refer to Bulletin 2017-09 for changes in reporting criteria

Application Supplement on First Nations Consultation [PDF]

High-Level Shutdown System Risk Assessment Checklist [PDF]

Request for Regulatory Appeal form [PDF]

NEW - Safety and Loss Management System (SLMS) Self-Assessment and Declaration Form [PDF]

Statement of Concern Form [PDF]

Tour Report Request Form [XLS]

Voluntary Self-Disclosure Form

  • Voluntary Self-Disclosure Form [XLSX]
  • Voluntary Self-Disclosure Form Instructions [PDF]
  • Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]