Compliance Orders

The AER is committed to keeping Albertans informed of the energy development activity taking place in their communities; part of that commitment includes reporting on enforcement activity.

The information provided below gives our stakeholders, be they landowners, industry, environmental groups, government and non-government agencies, the opportunity to learn about how Alberta’s single, full life-cycle regulator is enforcing the rules and regulations to ensure safe, efficient, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of one of the world’s largest energy resources.

Following the introduction of the Responsible Energy Development Act, the AER can now issue a number of different types of compliance orders under both its energy resource and specified enactments.

Compliance orders can be both remedial and punitive in nature. Remedial orders are designed to prevent, stop, or mitigate adverse environmental impacts or unacceptable risks to public safety or responsible resource development. Alternatively, punitive orders are designed to penalize those who are found to be noncompliant with AER rules and requirements.

AER Orders
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Enforcement Orders, Environmental Protection Orders, and Water Management Orders

Environmental Protection Orders and their amendments previously found on this webpage, are now located within the Compliance & Enforcement tab of the Compliance Dashboard.

Files previously held by Alberta Environment and Parks

Locke Stock & Barrel Co. Ltd.- Municipal District of Foothills No. 31
Environment Protection Order – EPO-2014-03-SSR - March 27, 2014

Coal Valley Resources - Yellowhead County
Enforcement Order Amendment 4 – EO-2014/02-UAR - August 29, 2014
Enforcement Order Amendment 3 – EO-2014/02-UAR - June 19, 2014
Enforcement Order Amendment 2 – EO-2014/02-UAR - March 26, 2014
Enforcement Order Amendment 1 – EO-2014/02-UAR - March 21, 2014
Enforcement Order – EO-2014/02-UAR - March 14, 2014

Coal Valley Resources Inc. and Sherritt International Corporation - Obed Mountain Mine
Environmental Protection Order Amendment 2 – EPO-2013/34-CR - June 30, 2015
Environmental Protection Order Amendment 1 – EPO-2013/34-CR - November 28, 2014
Environmental Protection Order – EPO-2013/34-CR - November 19, 2013

CNRL - Cold Lake Weapons Range
Enforcement Order – EO-2013/05-NR - October 21, 2013
Environmental Protection Order – EPO-2013-33/NR - September 24, 2013