Bulletin 2011-18

Bulletin 2011-18: Improvements in Well Location Data Management

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Improvements in Well Location Data Management

Jun 21, 2011

The ERCB is undertaking a program to improve the accuracy and completeness of well surface and bottomhole location data. This initiative is part of the Data Integrity Program that was announced on December 14, 2010. The initiative includes

  • fixing errors in surface hole location information generated by an earlier version of the Electronic Application System (EAS) calculations of surface hole latitude/longitude for wells with application dates between 2005 to 2006;
  • updating the ERCB’s geographic information system process to more accurately plot wellbores and identify bottomhole locations;
    reloading bottomhole data for wells if directional survey reports have been submitted; and
    amending unique well identifiers (UWI) to reflect bottomhole locations of wellbores based on directional survey reports.

The data and system improvements will begin in July 2011 and continue over the next several months. As a result, you may see surface and bottomhole location values change over time for well data that you receive from the ERCB. For well data subscribers, this may mean receiving files that are larger than normal.

There may also be a discrepancy between bottomhole locations and UWIs for a period of time. When a UWI change is processed, licensees will receive a corresponding bottomhole licence amendment notification.

The ERCB recognizes the potential effects of changes to well location data, such as spacing unit infringements, wells moving into or outside of a holding/unit buffer, or scheme area. The ERCB will notify licensees of well location changes being made, and it is committed to working with all stakeholders to address resulting impacts on a case-by-case basis. Due to the potential impacts, it is critical that all licensees review the data changes affecting their wells.

If a well licensee disagrees with any well location change made by the ERCB in connection with this initiative, it must advise the ERCB in writing by submitting an e-mail with the subject line “Well Location Change [Well Licence #] [UWI]” to welldataservices@ercb.ca identifying the reason for disagreement within 15 business days of receiving the list of affected wells. If a licensee does not notify the ERCB of its disagreement in accordance with the procedure noted above, the ERCB will proceed on the basis that the licensee agrees with the changes made by the ERCB.

Any questions regarding this bulletin may be directed by e-mail to the ERCB’s Well Data Services (WDS) at WellDataServices@ercb.ca.

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Cindy Seibel
CIO and Executive Manager