Bulletin 2011-25

Bulletin 2011-25: New Edition of Directive 056 Issued and Informational Letter (IL) 2001-5 and Bulletin 2007-35 Rescinded

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New Edition of Directive 056 Issued and Informational Letter (IL) 2001-5 and Bulletin 2007-35 Rescinded

Sep 01, 2011


The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) announces the release of a new edition of Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules, which is effective September 26, 2011. This edition replaces all previous editions.

The September 2011 edition of Directive 056 incorporates requirements from recently published ERCB directives, addresses frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the Directive 056 webpage, and includes revisions resulting from the submission of electronic pipeline/pipeline installation applications. Related changes will be made in a future update to the Electronic Application Submission (EAS) system.

In addition to revising Directive 056 as part of its effort to improve its regulatory framework, the ERCB reviewed IL 2001-5: Construction of a Well Site Prior to the Issuance of a Well Licence. This review identified that the requirements of IL 2001-5 are set out in Section 11 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act and have also been incorporated into this revised edition of Directive 056. Accordingly, the ERCB is rescinding IL 2001-05.

The ERCB also reviewed Bulletin 2007-35: Clarification of Informational Letter (IL) 93-09: Oil and Gas Development Eastern Slopes (Southern Portion), which introduced in 2007 new procedural requirements relating to IL 93-09. Due to high levels of compliance with these requirements, the ERCB no longer needs to evaluate applications in the Eastern Slopes area through its Directive 056 nonroutine process. The ERCB is therefore rescinding Bulletin 2007-35. Applicants must still meet the requirements of IL 93-09 but may submit their applications as routine. Compliance with IL 93-09 will continue to be assessed through the Applications Audit process.

Summary of Updates

The following is a summary of the key updates contained in Directive 056.

Section 2: Participant Involvement
  • Updated references to current ERCB EnerFAQs
  • Clarified notification requirements and timing of project status updates
  • Clarified the role of ERCB Community and Aboriginal Relations staff
  • Clarified ERCB First Nations consultation
Section 5: Facility Licence Applications
  • Updated procedures for submission of applications for oilfield waste management facilities
  • Updated amendment types to allow adjustment of sulphur recovery efficiency for acid gas injection facilities
  • Clarified total continuous emissions rates
Section 6: Pipeline Licence Applications
  • Updated submission procedures to include changes resulting from the submission of electronic pipeline/pipeline installation applications
  • Updated section on partial pipeline removals for revised application process
  • Removed requirement for submission of a nonroutine application for pipeline removals
  • Clarified section on steam distribution pipelines
  • Clarified requirements for a substance change
  • Added sections on pipelines transporting carbon dioxide, stainless steel pipelines, and connecting pipelines with different substances
Section 7: Well Licence Applications
  • Added a section on cavern scheme wells
  • Updated surface casing section based on the December 2010 edition of Directive 008: Surface Casing Depth Requirements
  • Clarified requirements for surface improvements
  • Clarified requirements for development near water bodies
All Sections
  • Addressed existing FAQs
  • Clarified licence expiry dates
  • Revised requirements for stakeholder notification completed as part of an application under Directive 023: Guidelines Respecting an Application for a Commercial Crude Bitumen Recovery and Upgrading Project
  • Updated Nonroutine Checklist to include distance to parties with concern/objections
  • Changed process to permit the submission of a routine application for facilities, pipelines, and wells within the Eastern Slopes. Applicants must continue to meet the requirements of IL 93-09.
  • Added references to the ERCB publication EnerFAQs: Objecting to an Energy Resource Project and the form Objecting to an Energy Resource Project.

A more detailed summary of the changes is contained in the September 2011 edition of Directive 056, Appendix 1, which has been attached to this bulletin.

Additional Information

The ERCB will continue to post FAQs and updates on its Directive 056 webpage on the ERCB Web site www.ercb.ca and encourages industry to monitor the webpage for future Directive 056 changes, enhancements, and clarifications. Questions regarding Directive 056 (September 2011 edition) may be directed to

Facilities Applications Help Line: 403-297-4369
E-mail: Directive56.help@ercb.ca
Facilities Applications’ Representatives:
Robert Macleod: 403-297-5270
Gavin McClenaghan: 403-297-6847

Directive 056 is available on the ERCB website www.ercb.ca under Industry Zone : Rules, Regulations, and Requirements : Directives. Printed copies of the directive may be purchased from ERCB Information Services, Suite 1000, 250 – 5 Street SW; telephone: 403-297-8311 or toll-free 1-855-297-8311; fax: 403-297-7040; e-mail: infoservices@ercb.ca.

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