Bulletin 2011-26

Bulletin 2011-26: New Edition of Canadian Standards Association Standard Z662: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems

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New Edition of Canadian Standards Association Standard Z662: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems

Sep 09, 2011

By this bulletin, the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) is informing all oil and gas licence holders and operators that in June 2011 the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) issued CSA Z662-11: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. CSA Z662-11 is the latest edition of the CSA Z662 standards for oil and gas pipelines and supersedes all previous editions. Section 9 of the Pipeline Regulation incorporates CSA Z662 standards as an ERCB requirement. Hence licensees and operators remain subject to CSA Z662-11, except as otherwise specified by the Pipeline Regulation.

The preface to CSA Z662-11 outlines the most significant changes relative to the previous edition. The highlighted changes include the following:

  • Clause 2 now contains reference publications and definitions.
  • Clause 3 has been revised to cover safety and loss management systems, integrity management programs, and engineering assessments.
  • Clause 6.6 has been rewritten to focus on measures to prevent and control uncontrolled fires, which are a risk during various phases of pipeline installation.
  • Table 7.3 has been modified to separate welding procedure specifications for manual or semi-automatic welding of pipe not exceeding 323.9 mm OD and not exceeding Grade 386. Information on new mechanized and automatic welding procedures have also been added to the welding techniques section of this table. In-service welding clauses have been moved from Clause 10 to Clause 7, and Table 7.10 has been added to address changes to qualification criteria for in-service pipe welding procedure specifications.
  • Clause 8 has been significantly restructured.
  • In Clause 9, internal corrosion control requirements have been revised to require supporting documentation or tests to demonstrate that a substance is not corrosive.
  • Clause 12 has been revised to include higher performance thermoplastic and reinforced thermoplastic pipe and tubing.
  • Clause 13 has been revised to update the requirements for reinforced composite, thermoplastic-lined, and polyethylene pipelines, including expanded requirements for joining personnel, joining inspections, and pressure testing of polyethylene pipelines.
  • Clause 16 has been revised to clarify which service fluids and pipeline systems the sour service clause applies to.
    Annex H has been substantially revised to restrict its scope to incident reporting. The annex is now titled “Pipeline failure records” and is a mandatory part of the standard.
  • Annex M is a new, informative (non-mandatory) annex that provides guidance for system control, monitoring, and protection of liquid pipelines.
  • The previous Annex M, “Gas distribution system integrity management guidelines,” and the previous Annex N, “Guidelines for pipeline integrity management programs,” have been combined into the current Annex N, which provides guidelines for pipeline system integrity management programs.

For copies of CSA Z662-11, contact the Canadian Standards Association directly or visit its website at www.csa.ca.

Questions about this bulletin should be directed to the ERCB Pipeline Operations Section by e-mail at pipelineoperations@ercb.ca.

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