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Data and Reports

We publish Tableau reports to showcase large amounts of data in a visual, interactive way. Users can customize what they see by clicking through filters (e.g., geological feature, year, region, type of operation) within each report.

For questions about the reports, please contact our Customer Contact Centre.

Tableau Reports

Application Timelines Report [Tableau]
The application timelines report measures and discloses how the AER is performing against our estimated processing times for energy development applications.

Play Workbook [Tableau]
The play workbook provides information about the activity, production, reserves, and geology of each play in Alberta. The workbook helps us understand subsurface characteristics and activity in order to plan for and regulate surface development.

ST98: Alberta's Energy Reserves and Supply/Demand Outlook
ST98: Alberta’s Energy Reserves and Supply/Demand Outlook provides independent and comprehensive information on the state of reserves and supply and demand outlook for Alberta’s diverse energy resources. Tableau reports are used throughout the statistical report.

Industry Performance Reports
The following Tableau reports are part of our industry performance program, which measures, evaluates, and reports on the energy development activities that we regulate.

  • Pipeline Performance [Tableau]
    Updated annually, the pipeline performance report includes information about each company in Alberta that was involved in a pipeline incident. The report looks at metrics such as the number of incidents, consequence of those incidents, the number of incidents per 1000 kilometres of pipeline, the volume of product released, company compliance history, and where a pipeline is located.
  • Water Performance [Tableau]
    Updated annually, the water use performance report shows how water is allocated and used to recover oil, gas, and oil sands resources in Alberta. The report data is categorized by recovery technology, including oil sands (mining and in situ), hydraulic fracturing, and enhanced oil recovery.