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About the AER

To help potential candidates prepare for our hiring process, we’ve outlined five stages that we typically use. Click on a stage to learn more about it. 

Head to our job board in Workday to search for a position, or learn more about careers at the AER.

Get to know the AER and apply for a position.

  1. Search for a position
    Once you’ve found a position listed on our Workday site, ask yourself why you believe you are the best candidate. We encourage you to learn more about who we are and how we regulate Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and visit our LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.
  2. Prepare a resume 
    Customize your resume so that it directly represents the position you are applying for. We assure you that humans—not robots—will review your application. 
  3. Write a cover letter 
    Help us get to know you better. Write a cover letter to talk about your goals and values, gaps on your resume, or unrelated work experience that you believe is a transferrable asset.
  4. Apply in Workday
    Create an account in Workday to apply. This account will track your application status from beginning to end. After you have uploaded your resume and cover letter, complete the application and hit submit.

Once a job posting closes, our hiring leaders and talent acquisition team will thoroughly review each application. They look for 

  1. Directly-related experience
    Qualifications for the job should be included in your application. For example, if a job requires three years of directly-related experience in communications, we’ll look for that in your resume.
  2. Scope of experience
    We assess the scope and breadth of your experience. For example, if you are applying for a role in communications, but also have a background in strategic change or leadership, we consider that in our review. 
  3. Educational background
    We look for minimum education requirements and any other related education that might apply to the position.
  4. Your “why”
    Lastly, we want to know why you want to join the AER. How do your goals and values align with ours? Sharing your story will help us envision you on our team.

Learn what you can expect before, during, and after your interview. 

  1. Accommodations
    Applicants in need of special assistance or accommodation during the interview process may contact us by replying to our email that confirms the date and time of your interview. We will treat your request as confidentially as possible. In your email, please include your name and preferred method of contact and we will respond as soon as possible.
  2. Types of questions
    During your interview, we’ll ask questions to test your knowledge of the position and the AER, and help us gain a better understanding of your experience and accomplishments. Your interview will run between 60 and 90 minutes. Be prepared to respond to our questions using the following format:
    • Situation – What was the specific event or situation you were in? 
    • Task – What was the specific challenge or task that needed to be accomplished?
    • Action – What actions did you take to accomplish this task?
    • Result – What was the result of these actions?
    • Role – What part did you play?
  3. Assessments
    In some cases, the hiring panel may ask you to complete an assessment before, during, or after your interview. Assessments can be:
    • Written – Complete a writing skill test, or submit samples of written work.
    • Verbal – Talk to us about how you would solve a specific problem.
    • Presentation – Gather information and present a topic in front of the hiring panel.

If you are the candidate of choice, we will notify you and give you time to review the job offer.

  1. Receive a phone call 
    We will call to congratulate you on being the candidate of choice and go over the offer in full detail. 
  2. Receive an offer letter through Workday
    You will receive a formal offer letter and other important information through your Workday account.
  3. Think about the offer
    We like to give candidates adequate time—typically 48 hours—to review the offer and ask any questions.
  4.  Accept the offer
    If you’d like to accept the offer, you must accept the offer letter in your Workday account.

Welcome to the team! To help you settle into the AER, we use a phased onboarding approach to ensure that new employees get the right information at the right time. 

You’ll be included in orientations, benefits and safety orientations, and online and in-person training, in addition to the support of your leader and new colleagues, to help you get up to speed in your new role at the AER.