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Production rates per calendar day day for:

  • commercial schemes, by operator and approval number
  • primary recovery schemes, by operator and approval number
  • conventional bitumen recovery, total
  • experimental schemes, total

Beginning in May 2016, forest fires surrounding Fort McMurray burned until the first week of July when they were brought under control. These fires impacted bitumen production in the Athabasca region for that period. The most significant production decreases were a result of mining and upgrading operations shutting-in as a precaution due to their proximities north of the fires.

Several in situ projects in the Athabasca area were also profoundly impacted by the fires, particularly a few operations located south of Fort McMurray. Several projects incurred noticeable month-over-month declines from April to May which can be attributed to the fires. The resulting impacts to production can be identified in both the AER ST-39 and AER ST-53 publications.